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Client Comments

Dear AMT:

You provide great quality supplies, stay updated on the current trends in wound management.  Your clinical specialists are very supportive and are one with us in our principle of providing quality care for our residents.

Director of Nursing
Long term care facility
Southern California

Dear AMT:
Deciding to use AMT was one of the best management decisions that I have made as a DON.  We are a small, privately owned facility and work on a very tight budget. AMT has enabled us to utilize a wider variety of wound care products with improved healing times. Your Clinical Specialists are extremely knowledgeable and work well with our staff.  They are literally only a phone call away.  We have seen great improvements in our wounds and I am able to care for more complex wounds. The quarterly in-services keep our staff informed of wound care issues.  Working with AMT is definitely a win-win situation for any LTC facility. 

TIna G., RN 

Director of Nursing
Ohio Long term care facility

Dear AMT:

I am a corporate nurse consultant for a chain of long term care facilities in the south. The relationship between AMT and all of the facilities in my chain has proven to be a great asset. The support provided by the clinicians and the regional manager is remarkable; everything from educating the nursing staff to survey preparedness has been excellent.

Thank you for all of the assistance.

C.B. – R.N.

Dear AMT:

Y'all are the greatest and your education is tops.  Thanks!

T.M. - RN, Corporate Nurse, South Texas

Dear AMT:

I have learned so much more about wound care and how to properly use different products than I was ever taught before when we were using this other company who only supplied the supplies".

E.T. - LPN
Long term care

Dear AMT:
My mother is a resident of a North Carolina long-term-care facility.   I was told this week that my mother’s wounds on the backs of her legs are officially healed.  I want to thank you and your company for your important part in providing the education to help create a treatment that resulted in such wonderful news.  I can’t tell you what it means to me for my mother not to be in such pain and not be facing the threat of having her legs amputated.  I also can’t tell you what it means to me not to have to make the decision whether to amputate her legs or not, and to have to live with that decision.  My mother’s mental capacity has been diminished by the strokes that she has had, and would not have understood.

I understand that you want to use my mother's experience as a case study on your web site.  I think that it would be wonderful, for the agony that my mother endured, at least to be used to help others.  It’s nice to know that something good will come of it.

I know that another wound specialist came with you to facility, but I don’t know her name.  Please thank her for me.

Also, thank your company for providing this kind of education and products and for keeping up with the latest advancements that medical research has provided.  I am also grateful to facility personnel for caring enough to use your services for their residents.

Thanks again,
Jane F.

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