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Program Overview

Our wound care program is designed to meet four key objectives:

  • Enhance the quality of resident care
  • Reduce wound care related costs for your facility
  • Increase educational resources that are available to your staff
  • Provide all mandatory CMS documentation

We accomplish these objectives by providing the following:

Education - the cornerstone of resident care. 

All good clinical care, including wound care, starts with proper education and training.  
The CMS DMEPOS supplier standards require all suppliers to provide appropriate training and education.   To meet this requirement, we provide a licensed, clinical wound specialist to educate your staff. 

Initial education is designed to instill a solid foundation in wound care basics. Ongoing education is then tailored to the level of each individual facility and its clinical staff.

Clinical support - AMT is the largest employer of wound specialists in the country.

Our clinical specialists work closely with your staff, reviewing current wound care protocols. 
Our proprietary wound tracking software allows us to use your data to provide documentation for wound care residents in your facility.  This documentation includes all necessary information required by Medicare.  Our clinical specialists work with your staff to ensure proper utilization and compliance with wound care products. 

Advanced wound care products - the best available products to promote the best healing environment.
AMT works with most major manufacturers. We are therefore able to provide a wide variety of products and protocols to meet your most challenging clinical scenarios. As a participating Medicare Part B provider, we bill the resident’s insurance directly.  This includes Medicare Part B, Medicaid, HMO’s, and many other primary payers.  We verify insurance prior to providing products to your residents. This eliminates these items from your budget and saves you money.  In most cases, Medicare Part B covers surgical dressings for pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, vascular and neuropathic ulcers,  burns, and many other wound etiologies.

Risk management - wounds are a risky business!
A sound risk management strategy can mean the difference between profitably managing difficult clinical wound scenarios, and incurring heavy financial risks.
Wound issues in nursing facilities are one of the most cited deficiencies by state surveyors. These deficiencies can lead to licensure problems, tort liability, civil monetary penalties and other negative outcomes.  The education provided by our clinical specialists is designed to enhance staff knowledge and decrease the risk of state survey infractions.   Incorporating AMT’s wound care program enhances your risk management program.  

The wound care specialist assigned to your facility will be responsible for the ongoing relationship with your treatment staff, and for providing them with product support and clinical education when needed.  We are committed to working with you to ensure that the level of knowledge and quality of resident care in your facility continues to grow – and that your residents get the best possible wound care available.

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